Straw Bite is Amel's official fiance. He 'acts' as Amel's fiance and secretly gets money from the Beans Family. Stro hates the Beans family for deciving him to marry a guy. Stro acts as Amel's fiance for money and power. Stro often beats Amel for ruining his life, however he secretly worries about Amel for being to submissive towards his mother. Straw is scared of Emily when she is mad.

History Edit

Straw was a distant relative from Espresso Beans. When his family were all out of money and couldn't give him a marriage support, when he was nine years old, he had to go to a cathedral and become a Catholic for the rest of his life. However, Espresso suggested him to be Amel's fiance, she even suggested him that she would pay him. But, she told him that he can never break the engagement once he made one with Amel. After he discovered that Amel was a boy, he started to despise the Beans family.

Appearance Edit

Straw has black eyes and red hair which is a trait amongst the northen-east root people. He has short hair and often wears rich, fancy clothes.

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