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Emily Edit

Emily is Amel's true fiance. She is acted Americano Beans true form, to keep the secret that Amel is actually a boy. Emily has deep affection and loyalty towards Amel's mother, Espresso Beans. Emily dislikes anyone that hates Espresso. Emily calls Amel 'young master' which is revealed that Emily serves the Beans family. Recently, she had to get the 'tracking magic' from the central because of Lonne's betrayal. She is hiding herself with an invisible leaf to hide her identity and sticks to Amel.

Background Edit

Emily was just a commoner before she served the Beans family. Her family tried to illegaly escape from their home town. However Emily was left behind and couldn't escape. She was left alone, cold, and hungry. When she was almost about to die, Espresso saved her and took her under her wing. After that, Emily began to live with the Beans family. And also grow up with Amel. Later on, she became Amel's fiance.

Appearance Edit

Emily has red long hair, a common hair colour amongst the land where she lived. She looks almost alike as Americano beans, which is neccesary because she's supposed to act as Amel's true form. She is described as beautiful. Emily has purple eyes, and a mole under her right eye. She often wears a star patterned cloak to cover her face. She also wears a long brown dress. She has a ring that allows her to use magic. This was created by Espresso Beans.

Personality Edit

Emily show extreme loyalty towards the Beans family, and show deep hostility or hatred towards the other family because they hate the Beans family. Emily is warm-hearted, gentle, and caring towards the people in the Beans family (except Straw). She cares about Amel a lot and knows him. She also craves for affection towards Espresso Beans. She is extremely good as acting like Amel especially when she pretends to be like him. Emily also has a big appetite and loves fried chicken. She dislikes Straw because Straw doesn't like Amel or Espresso. She can sometimes be scary when she is angry.

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